Top 5 Cooking Oils For Healthy Heart and Weight

best vegetable oils for heart and weight loss

Last updated on September 20th, 2017 at 11:06 am

Edible oils are essential ingredients for cooking. Irrational consumption of wrong types of vegetable oils results in increase of body weight. But some vegetable oils not only help in losing excess of body weight but also help in maintaining a healthy body with a healthy heart.


The right types of vegetable oils are essential ingredients to prepare food that helps in losing body weight. Any form of cooking, may be it is boiling, frying, making a stew or soup, baking, or preparing salads, will have some sort of oil added in it. So, to stay healthy it is important to know best cooking oil for weight loss.

The health conscious people doing daily workouts and other forms of physical exercises must incorporate these vegetable oils in preparation of their daily meals, to get best results in losing undesirable body weight and have a healthy body.

Many people interested in losing body weight tend to have oil free food as a measure to lose body weight.  But contrary to this popular belief, knowing about cooking oil for weight loss and using them to prepare daily meals is the best effective method to lose body weight in a healthy way.

The body requires both carbohydrate and fat to function properly, apart from protein and other nutrients. Carbohydrates and fats are mainly responsible increase in body weight.

Measure Carbohydrate concentration in daily meal to lose excess body weight.  Select vegetable oils that are low in saturated fat and are high in unsaturated fat. Saturated fats are both of good and bad types. Trans fat is the real trouble maker and is not best cooking oil for heart.

Top 5 types of Healthy Cooking Oils are:

  1. Coconut Oil-

Coconut oil is an extract from meat or kernel of coconuts. The coconut oil is of best quality when the coconut meat is fairly dry and is free from moisture.

It has a high boiling point as it is highly resistant to heat. The amount of good quality saturated fat present in coconut oil makes the oil solid in room or below room temperature. This particular property of coconut oil provides it a very long storage life without any deformation in quality of odor or taste.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is free from cholesterol. It is the best cooking oil for heart. Surprisingly, coconut oil contains 64% of saturated fat, which is considered as bad for health.

It increases levels of LDL in blood that increases risks of heart diseases. But, on the contrary, coconut oil increases HDL concentration in blood that makes and keeps the heart healthy.

Coconut oil contains about 40 calories per 5 gms. It contains about 6% mono unsaturated acids and 1.6% of poly unsaturated acids.

It is found to be rich in Lauric acid that is about 44% in concentration and Myristic acid, about 16% in concentration, which are responsible ingredients for improvement in blood cholesterol levels. They are also bactericidal in property and helps in improving body metabolism immensely.

Coconut oil helps in losing body weight by burning more calories by boosting body metabolism. It also increases energy potency to be able to work more.  It is an ideal type of vegetable cooking oil for health conscious people, athletes as coconut oil helps normalize blood sugar.

  1. Olive Oil-

Olive oil is an extract from olives. It is considered to be the best cooking oil for heart and weight loss. Olive oil is also known to have high resistance to heat and is renowned for increasing good HDL and decreasing bad LDL in blood stream.

Extra virgin Olive oil is having the highest concentration of Anti Oxidants. This may be less in refined versions of Olive oils.  Some scientific research claims that one can lose body weight by simply inhaling the aroma of olive oil.

Olive Oil

Considerable growth in level of Osteocalcin was observed in people who regularly consumed extra virgin olive oil for a minimum period of two years. This helped in improved bone health and growth.

14 gms of Olive oil contain about 120 calories. It also contains sufficient amount of Vitamin E and K, 78% of mono unsaturated fats and 8% of poly unsaturated fats.

  1. Red Oil-

Red oil is an extract from oil palm fruit. It is so called because of its red color.

Unrefined Red oil is very rich in Antioxidants. It contains high concentration of minerals like beta-carotene, alpha-carotene and a host of other essential nutrients.  Beta-Carotene, the mother ingredient of Vitamin A, helps in building improved vision, better immunity system and Alpha-Carotene helps in preventing heart disease.

Red Oil

About 14 gms of Red oil contains 120 calories, and is composed of 50% saturated fats, 40% mono unsaturated fats and 10% of polyunsaturated fats.

Red oil is considered as best cooking oil for weight loss because of it 50-50 percent in saturated and unsaturated fats and abundant supply of antioxidants.

  1. Canola Oil-

Canadian scientists developed a breed of rapeseed called Canola. The Canola oil is an extract of these rapeseeds. The edible version of Canola oil is highly refined in nature. Even then, it contains high concentration of Vitamin E and K.

Canola Oil

About 14 gms of Canola oil contains about 124 calories.  This oil is composed of good fat in abundance. It contains 63% of mono unsaturated, 28% poly unsaturated and 7% of saturated fats. Canola oil is rich in Alpha Linolenic Acid, providing highest concentration of Omega 6, Omega 3 oil, considered excellent for loss of body weight.

  1. Peanut Oil-

Peanut oil is an extract from Peanuts or Ground nuts.  The seeds are the generating source of Peanut oil or Groundnut oil. The oil must be used in moderate quantity for preparing meals.  Do not overheat ground nut oil while cooking.

About 14 gms of Ground nut oil contains about 119 calories.  Peanut oil contains highest concentration of good fats that is unsaturated fat of about 75% concentration.

Peanut Oil

Peanut oil or Ground nut oil contains about 48% of mono unsaturated fats. It also contains approximately 34% of Omega 6 oil. Peanut oil contains very low concentration of saturated fats. It has a vast concentration of various essential minerals and vitamins, which are excellent for human health and metabolism.

One must be extra cautious regarding use of heat while cooking food in Peanut oil.  One must ensure use of minimum heat when cooking. Peanut oil may give undesirable side effects to the food consumer, if cooked in high heat.

These five varieties of vegetable oils are best for heart and weight loss. No single cooking oil can be certified as the ideal cooking oil for achieving everything one wants.  If a person wants to lose body weight, he/she has to cut down his/her calorie intake by 3500 calories for every 2.5 kilos of weight he/she wants to lose.

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