Top 10 Soda

Last updated on January 28th, 2017 at 10:12 am

Soft Drinks or Soda contains carbonated water, sweetening, and flavoring agents. Millions of people buy Soda every day in India irrespective of season, age and gender.

Soda is a must have in hot summers or when you are thirsty. Compiling a list of top 10 soft drinks in India is not easy. But we have tried our best to give you genuine information on Top 10 Soda. 

Given below is the list of Top 10 Soda brands in India:-

  1. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is one of the best soft drink brands in India.John Pemberton used coke as a tonic which contained cocaine at that point of time.

In the beginning, the sales of Coca-Cola soft drinks were not so high, but now it is a reputed flavored Soda brand. So, have a bottle of Coca-Cola soft-drink and enjoy it to the last sip.


  1. Pepsi

Pepsi came into existence in 1893 as “Brad’s Drink”. It is an energy drink and digestion aid. The biggest competitor of Pepsi soft drink is Coke that has managed to stay on top spot till date. It is one of the best soda in India.

So, which soft drink will you choose- Pepsi or Coke?


  1. Sprite

Where is sprite manufactured? It was first manufactured in Germany as a Clear Lemon Fanta. It is lymon (lemony-limey) flavor soda or soft drink. Sprite has made a huge mark in the Indian Markets of Soft-drinks. It is a clear soft drink that has amazing taste. 


  1. Thums Up

In 1977, Parle introduced Thums Up in India. Thums Up is an energy drink and is always targeted to the youth of the country. But still, it continues to be one of the top 10 soda brands in India. Enjoy Thums Up soft-drink with your friends. 

Thums Up

  1. Limca

Limca is a lime and lemon flavored Soda. It was first launched in India by Parle Agro in 1971 and then acquired by Coca-Cola in 1993. Limca is a soft drink that aids digestion. Limca is one of top 10 soda drinks and biggest brand in the lime and lemon flavored Soda category.

So, enjoy this heavenly soft drink or flavored soda in hot summers.


  1. Fanta

Fanta is an orange flavored Soda. The popularity and sales of Fanta is rising in India since its inception. Its biggest competitor is Miranda which is also an orange soft drink or soda. It beats Miranda for 6th position in top 10 soda drinks in India.

So are you a Fanta or Miranda soft drink fan?


  1. Maaza

Maaza is the most popular mango drink all over the world. It came in India in the mid-1970s. Now, this soft drink also comes in cartons and small and large pet bottles. It is a non-carbonated soft drink by Coca-Cola since 1993 in India. It tastes awesome and that is why falls in Top 10 soft drinks list.


  1. Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew is a citrus-flavored soda. It was first created by Barney and Ally Hatman. It now comes under the umbrella of Pepsi. Despite facing strong competition from other Soft drink brands, it still continues to dominate the soda market. 

Mountain Dew

  1. 7UP

7UP is again a lime-lemon flavored soft drink. It is the 3rd best-selling Soda in the world owing to its savory taste. 7UP was first manufactured by Charles Leiper Grigg in 1929. The name 7UP is apt as it is the unique blend of 7 natural flavors. So, boost your energy with 7UP soft drink .


  1. Mirinda

Mirinda is an international soft drink brand and came in India in 1991. PepsiCo owns Miranda Brand. It is an orange flavored soda or carbonated water that due to its unique taste is very popular in the country. 



This completes our list of Top 10 Soft Drinks brand in India. We hope you like it.  Stay tuned for more.