Ten Essential Dining Etiquettes You Must Know


Are you invited for a dinner? Do you have to attend a dinner party of some social celebrity? Then you must be prepared with the most important dining etiquettes that you will need to exercise there.

1 Before the Dinner begins– Please make it point to send your confirmation of your attending the dinner party. This is a must. Otherwise you will be as good as an uninvited guest.

2 Do not go empty handed to the party– Please do carry a gift for the host/hostess, anything that attracts class. Make sure the gift should be according to your status.

3 Please remember to be “after you” in the party- Please wait for the host to lead the way. Do not go of your own even if you know the place well.

4 Wait for the dinner to start- Please do not make haste to go and sit to eat. Someplace the host makes special sitting arrangements. So please wait for the host to sit first and invite you to sit at your place.

5 Arranging the napkins before dinner- Please do not shake the napkin open before placing it on your lap. Open it gently and place it gently. Please never use the napkin to clean anything or wipe your lips or face.

6 Begin eating in the party- Please wait till everybody at the table has been served food before you start eating. Please pick up your fork or spoon only when the host or hostess has picked up  his/her’s. Never be in a hurry to eat.

7 The Silverware- Please do not use silverware or utensils on the table of your own. Observe the host or hostess and follow what he/she is doing. You pay respect to host by following him.

8 Passing the food and dishes to other guests- Please take care to pass a dish or food to a fellow guest very carefully. Do not lean on other guest to pass the food. It is obscene. You may request the guest sitting by your side to help you pass the desired dish to the guest. Please do not make any noise while passing the food to other guest.

9 Table manners while you eat- Very important aspects to observe in a dinner party. Please do not talk with food in your mouth. Please do not cool your food by blowing on it. Please eat in small bites, usually half of your normal bites.

Do it slowly and never forget to compliment the food. Please try to eat all the items you have been served, may be in small servings. Please eat with others, not before and not after. Keep off your elbows from the table.

Do not make noises, burping or slurping as they are SINS in a dinner party. Please do not attend to your cellular phone while you are eating.

10 Wait for your host to end the party- Wait for the host or hostess to signal the end of the meal after you finish your meal and place your meal and then stand from your chair.

Please do not eat and run, stick for at least 30 minutes and then say goodbyes and leave. Always send your host or hostess a thank you note within a day or two about the dinner; it can be a call, mail, messages. It should be short but sweet. But never overlook the importance of after dinner thank you note.

Your dinning etiquettes make you popular among your friends, relatives and social circles. They not only remain eager to invite you to their dinner parties but they follow your manners and etiquettes. You become a role model when you are meticulous in your dining mannerism.

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