Soda History

Last updated on October 9th, 2016 at 05:10 pm

Soda is a term used for carbonated water that has a distinct property of effervescence. Soda has a very interesting long and mesmerizing history. You can find all the important information regarding history of Soda in this blog.

In ancient times, natural carbonated water derived from volcanic springs was considered very beneficial for digestive problems. In 1265, the first natural Soda drink was developed in England.The effervescent nature of the carbonated water is very fascinating and functions as a natural tonic.

But it was only available in few pharmacy shops as the cost of packaging and transporting the Soda (the carbonated water) was very high. This gave the scientists the motivation to Soda drinks artificially.

Joseph Priestley in 1767 invented the first man-made carbonated water. It was made by suffusing the water with carbon dioxide. Water was placed over the fermenting dish in this process. He also wrote a book on it naming “Impregnating Water with Fixed Air”.

Sodium bicarbonate and Tartaric Acid were combined together to form man-made soda that mimics the tingling sensation of natural soda. But the taste was not that good. To improve the taste, fruit juice and flavoring agents were added to it. The Sodium bicarbonate was mixed in water and then combined with Tartaric Acid that would result in Fizz.

But this also faced the same problem as natural soda that is preservation and distribution. Soda Syphon was invented in 1813 by Charles Pinth to solve these problems. This process although helpful in preservation, was quite tedious and inefficient in making large quantities of Soda.

The first Soda Machine was discovered by Johann Mathews in 1832. The machine was composed of a lead lined chamber and a tank of cool water. In the chamber Sulphuric acid and Calcium Carbonate were combined to generate carbon dioxide.

The Carbon Dioxide was then dissolved in the water manually for 30 minutes. It was then connected to the dispensing tap. After this, flavored Sodas that is Soft drinks were also introduced in the markets.