The Right Cooking Oil Could Make All The Difference

Cooking Oili

When it comes to cooking in Indian households, oil is the most important ingredient. Unlike Europeans, we always prefer taste over health and thus comes the varieties of fried items in our daily diet. But when it comes to following a healthy diet, is it recommendable to use oil every time you cook? Excessive use of any ingredient is bad for our health, be it oil or But we should consider adding healthy oil in our diet since it helps to improve absorption and digestion. It also improves memory and helps in lubrication of all connective tissues and organs.

Oil makes our food delicious but use of healthy oil is an important part of overall well-being. Let’s find out why.

Consumption of good oil also helps removing many ailments, especially constipation, arthritis, dry skin and many diseases of our nervous system. Ayurveda prescribes consumption of healthy fat since it makes our bodies flexible and youthful. In a nutshell, there are many benefits but how do you find which type of oil can be considered healthy?

Facts to consider

Always remember one thing, regardless of what oil you use, nutritionally it is fat. They are more fattening than carbohydrates and protein. Usually, your taste buds decide which oil to use in what type of cooking. But even if you consider using healthier oils such as avocado or olive, they are still fats. When you want to consider the best cooking oil for diabetics, always consider a oil that is rich in beta carotene, vitamins (A,D,E), hydroxytyrosol and many other important ingredients. Extra virgin oil is considered as one of the healthiest types of cooking oil since it has the lowest oxidation rate. Oxidation accelerates free radicals and chemicals that are highly reactive and have the potential to damage cells that may lead to cancer. That’s why it is wise to consider how much fat you want to use in your cooking and eat wisely. Healthy oil can also reduce your LDL (bad cholesterol) and increase good HDL (good cholesterol) level.

Also, consider buying oil in small amounts when you want to use different kinds of oil for different recipes. Storing them for long periods can lead to oxidation and development of free radicals. Make sure you buy just a few kinds of oil in small amounts and store them in a cold, dry place.

Significance of unsaturated and saturated oils

If you are looking for the best cooking oil brand in India, stay away from saturated oils as they are considered as unhealthy. For example, butter, animal fats, margarine, coconut oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil and palm oil etc. Too much saturated oils in your diet raises your LDL level and promotes many heart diseases. Consider using unsaturated oils since it raises HDL level and lowers your blood pressure. Vegetable, soyabean, sunflower, rice bran, oilve, canola and fish oils are termed as unsaturated oils. Your body can produce all essential saturated and trans fat oils it needs but it can’t produce essential fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6. Of these two, omega-3 is proven to be preventive against depression, anxiety, heart diseases and Alzheimer’s. Unsaturated oils such as fish and vegetable oils contain both of these fatty acids and that’s why they are highly recommendable over other animal products.

Taste is important, but if you consider the facts above then none but you can decide what oil to use in your cooking. Choose wisely since a good health is made in the kitchen and not in your doctors chamber.

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