National Food Calendar 2017


Are you food lover? Are you a foodie? Then you must be interested to know the national food days. It is also termed as national food holidays, such as National Taco day, National Cheeseburger day, or National Shrimp day.

These National food Holidays are not only important for foodies but they are equally important for restaurants those are preparing for that special holiday. They have an opportunity to leverage their eating joints to invite more customers than ever before.

Here are ten most popular food days and national food holidays this year to make you plan your restaurants for the occasions-

  1. National Pizza Day- February 9th

A day dedicated to pizza lovers. The restaurants are to try unique and innovative recipes for pizza toppings. They can also plan for promotional ideas of offers on pizzas or gifts to their customers.

  1. National wine Day – May 25th

A day for bars. They should promote this day very flashily in their joints and may offer a drink on the house. Why not?

  1. National Egg Day- June 3rd

A day for egg lovers. The restaurants are to plan for new recipes apart from scrambled, fried half boil or hard boil the eggs. The restaurants can offers of discount in their regular egg dishes.

  1. National French Fries Day – June 13th

French fries, a staple diet of almost all the youngsters and some older generation too. Restaurants can try curly sweet potatoes truffle, and throw an offer of extra French fries with every order of Pizza.

  1. National Vanilla Ice Cream Day- July 23rd

A very special dessert dish, favorite of young to old alike. Restaurants can throw offers of buy one, get one free. Enough to gather a mob.

  1. National Oyster Day – August 5th

A special dish available on coastal places only. A special day for sea food restaurants. The Restaurants can float special offers to oyster lovers of all you can eat at a discounted price.

  1. National Cheeseburger Day- September 18th

Who does not want a cheeseburger? And a special holiday for this item? Restaurants should be prepared to be overcrowded. But they can float offers of buy one; get one free on this day for cheeseburger lovers.

  1. National Coffee Day- September 29th

Wow, what a day! Whole world will be doing nothing but sitting in a coffee shop drinking coffee all day. No offers needed, but coffee houses can offer free coffee to old, loyal customers.

  1. National Taco Day- October 4th

Tacos are not sold by every restaurant. But places selling tacos can offer tacos at a discounted price with purchase of a drink or other taco dish.

  1. National Cookie day- December 4th

A big day for bakeries and cafes. They can float number of discount offers, gift offers to cookie lovers on this day. And, who in the world is not a cookie lover?

So, the restaurants, bakeries, cafes, bars, seafood joints, prepare for the big day and make these days memorable for your customer. Your just this one day celebration with your customers will place you on the top of popularity chart and your business will roar whole year.

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