Myths And Facts about Milk and Dark Chocolates


There are a couple of myths related to both dark and milk chocolates. Specifically, the way that the one is superior to the other in different parameters.  However, before taking up the topic the principle contrast between these two – light and dark chocolates must be highlighted. The fundamental difference between milk and dark chocolate is the amount of cocoa used in their making.

Chocolate typically comprises of cocoa solids which are known to offer a plausible range of health benefits such as tooth health, reduces weight, control diabetes and much more.

The amount of cocoa present in a chocolate decides how the chocolate would taste. While dark chocolates have high quantities of cocoa solids present in them and milk chocolates are of opposite nature. They are more sugary in nature with less quantities of cocoa essentials.  

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Dark chocolate – A Boon

A milk chocolate speaks of more fat than its darker counterpart. Most experts claim dark chocolate – a heart healer. Rich cocoa has powers to reduce the heart issues and other related illnesses, while milk chocolates are said to have the opposite effect. In case you are planning to shed pounds, however just can’t appear to avoid this wanton treat, dependably select dark chocolates over the milk ones.

More variations between the Two

As far as calories are concerned, milk and dark chocolate, both offer approximately the same amount of calories. Dark chocolates have tons of oxidants, all of which are useful for the heart and blood vessels. Though, Milk chocolates do not have a similar count of oxidants because of their fat content. There are newer reviews that have demonstrated that a few types of milk chocolate are transporters of certain compounds that are advantageous to our health.

With regards to figuring out which of these is ideal, dark chocolate – a mood enhancer, is what general agreement speaks of. A dark chocolate is anyday better than a milk chocolate and offers a variety of health benefits which the latter fails to offer. Dark chocolates in India are easily available in a plethora of flavors. If you’re feeling low or experiencing extreme mood swings, just relish a bar of dark chocolate and you’re set for the day.

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