Fried Turnip Cake with Vegetables


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Fried Turnip Cake with Vegetables

This is a delicious recipe to be served on dinner table, made of turnip with host of other vegetables.

Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 60 minutes
Total Time 90 minutes
Servings 4


  • 375 gms rice flour
  • 160 gms wheat starch
  • 75 gms potato starch
  • 675 ml water
  • 20 gms salt
  • 40 gms seasoning
  • 80 gms sugar
  • 200 gms carrot
  • 1000 gms radish
  • 150 gms dry shiitake mushroom
  • 1050 ml hot water


  1. Carrots and radishes are to be peeled, cut into thick strips and blanched till soft. 

  2. Shiitake Mushrooms are to be soaked in hot water for one hour, water to be squeezed out and mushrooms to be cut into dices to be tossed in a hot wok for 2 to 3 minutes. 

  3. The Rice Flour, Wheat starch, Potato Starch, salt and sugar are to be mixed together in 675 ml of water at room temperature to be made into a fine batter.

  4. Hot water is to be mixed in this batter, avoiding lump formation, till getting a nice consistency.

  5. The cake tin base is to be covered with butter paper and the cake tin to be oiled properly to prevent the cake from sticking.

  6. The battered mixture is to be added in the cake tin to be steamed for at least 60 minutes. 

  7. The cake should be cut in 2 inches cube pieces to serve. 

  8. The steamed cake should be allowed to be refrigerated overnight, after being cooled to room temperature and surface of the cake properly brushed.

  9. This cake is to be taken out of the mold and the butter paper be removed from the base of the cake. 

  10. Once cooked allow it cool for 2-3 hours and brush oil over the surface when cooled. Cover and cool it in a refrigerator overnight.

  11. The pieces of cakes are to be fried till golden.

  12. A mixture of fried and chopped garlic, fried and chopped shallots, fried and chopped spring onions and chili oil to be prepared. 

  13. This mixture is to be put in the base, the pieces of turnip cake on it and cover it again with the mixture of base. 

  14. Garnishing to be done with fresh, chopped chilies and to be served.   

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