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Some people live to eat food and some people eat food to live. If you fall in the first category and cannot imagine living without good food, then Taste Saviours is the right place to know about it all. Good food (Best Food in India) is not only about its taste, it is also about its aroma, presentation and accompaniments.

Food lovers are always looking for great food that awaken their senses and make them feel alive. Many countries all over the world are famous for their special cuisines which have been there since ancient times. India is one such country. Are you visiting India for the first time and want to know the best food places? Find out Best Food Places


Indian food is full of spices and flavor that makes it delicious and yummy. India is a country of diverse culture and this is reflected in its food and delicacies. Indian food is famous all over the world as it is made from spunky ingredients and special cooking techniques.

India is one of the few places in the world where you can get both Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian delicious food. Do you want to know Top 10 Food in India? Read more

“Longevity and short life, suffering and happiness- all aspects of human life depend on modesty in food and drink”