Enjoy Navratri with Lip-Smacking Combos from your Favorite Outlets


Navratri is coming and with Navratri everyone’s excitement and enthusiasm is on peak too. This festival gives us the chance to enjoy our food without the taste of garlic and onion, which makes us kind of choosy of what we want to eat.

Some people keep all nine days of fast while some prefer Satvic diet (diet without garlic and onion). If you prefer Satvic diet and can never compromise with your taste then here are some of the exclusive delighted meals which you can order online to emphasize your fasting experience.

  1.  Domino’s Navratri pizza

You read it absolutely right! You can eat something like this in your fast.The Navratri menu of Domino’s comprises a pizza with singhara (water chestnut) flour base, sabudana crispies and dumplings and sabudana pudding. As accompaniment, you have sauces with just rock salt as seasoning. This is something you surly don’t want to miss.

  1. Navratri combo by Fassos

What if your fast-become feast? This can happen with the Navratri combo thalli of Faasos. The flavorful upwaas paranthas, singhaara parantha with majestic raseela paneer & aloo jeera will make your fast experience like feast experience.

The delivery time with Faasos has always been a force to reckon (sometimes as low as 25 mins – Domino’s, you are not the only one) & that’s one reason why we trust Faasos whenever our hunger cravings are at its peak. Not to miss their interesting packaging, it will bring a smile to your face.

  1.  Navratri Thali by Dana Choga Kitchen (DCK)

This thali can be tastier than your regular meal and I’m you never want to miss this. Singhaare ki poori, Paneer Tamatari, aloo jeera, kesari halwa & pineapple raita, all these make you feel like ” ahaaaaa yummy”.

  1.  Navratra Dosa from Sagar Ratna

If you are a dosa lover and are habitual of eating this dish, then you really don’t have to get disappointed because Sagar Ratna offers the special Navratri dosa made up of samak, kuutu & singhara flour which will satisfy your south Indian carving in style and different taste.

  1. Navratra Thali by Peninsular Kitchen

Peninsular Kitchen knows very well that you can become famished in your fast therefore they bring a full thali of Paneer subzi, pethe ki subzi, kuttu ki kadhi, samak ke chawal, kheeray ka raita, sabudana papad, salad, aloo chat & more to take care of your ravenous appetite.

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