20 English Words And Phrases A Foodie Should Know


Do you call yourself a foodie? Are you a food lover? Do you love to explore new food items around you? Then you must be using certain words, expressions, phrases in your quest of food hunting and enjoying good food.

A foodie is always in lookout for good food and drink. A foodie is known by the words and phrases he/she uses to express his hunt and feelings for food besides his love for food.

A foodie loves his food and drinks more than others and uses expressions as testaments of his appreciations. Such expressions are listed here that relates to a foodie experience of food and drinks:

1 A Dish fit for Gods- Definitely a superlative expression of appreciation of food from a foodie. A must visit and taste recommendation for others.

2 Easy as a pie- Expresses super easy to bake but nothing in comparison to crispy mouth watering taste of a pie.

3 Go bananas- Foodie expressing this phrase, be alert. He must be mentioning a wonderful eating joint or a dish. Find out and enjoy yourself too.

4 Apple of my eye- Food on top priority for a foodie. Foodie loves the food and admires it.

5 Full of Beans- Foodies selections of energy foods. An ideal tip for other health freaks.

6 Spill the beans- A foodie’s allegation of divulging a food secret, a thing he does not like.

7 Butter Up- a foodie who is flattered by the food. A thing to watch out.

8 Have the cake and eat it too- A foodie expression of deliciousness. When he wants best possible outcome from a delicious food.

9 Cookie Crumbles- a foodie surrender to normal ways. An expression of his helplessness in certain situations.

10 Cream of the crop- A foodie identifying the best from a lot. Mark the item and order it for you.

11 Eat out of home and house- A foodie’s desire is to eat out. He is not always happy with home food.

12 Have all eggs in one basket- An old phrase but applicable to foodies. This shows limitation of food option for a foodie. Not a welcome situation.

13 Buy a lemon- A foodie’s negative expression of his dislike to the food he ate.

14 Crying over spilled milk- Another disappointing phrase for a foodie denoting his missed opportunity of enjoying good food.

15 Go nuts- Another energy food expression of a foodie. Or when he goes crazy over a food.

16 Paid peanuts- A foodie phrase of paying little for good food. A certificate of cost effectiveness from a foodie.

17 Two peas in a pod– A rare phrase of appreciation from a foodie for a combination dish. Two dishes going well together.

18 In a pickle- It is an expression of a foodie who is in a difficult situation. When he is stuck in a joint or with a dish he does not want.

19 Take with a grain of salt- The foodies opinion is not given a great value by others. A demoralizing statement.

20 Like a potato sack- A overeating foodies expression of suffering.

These expressions have now travelled beyond food. A foodie’s love for food makes related expressions to say all kinds of things.

No one can ignore love of good food and a good eating place.

Ruby Goyal

Ruby Goyal

I am a food lover and believe that when you travel, the best way to connect with people is through food. Everyone loves to have great food no matter what culture or place you are from. I enjoy giving useful information about authentic local food from around the country or destinations I’ve personally visited.
Ruby Goyal

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