16 Perfect Flavored Syrups for Drinks


Sweetness! It’s an essential element that typically gives a drink its taste and identity. It simply helps in maintaining a balance between the liquid and its flavour. But have you ever tried mixing a spoonful of sugar to a glass of iced water or a squeeze of honey to a cocktail shaker directly? The ingredients will take hours to blend. To maximize the possibility, most sweeteners come in dissolved syrup form, and here on, make the task of flavouring easy and quick. Flavored syrups for drinks are endless. All you need is a basic sweet syrup by your side and rest assured of classy, refreshing delights. Here, in this post, we present to you a plethora of syrup flavours for coffee, cocktails, and mocktails that make for perfect drinks for every occasion.

Simple Syrup

As the name says, it’s the simplest type of syrup that comprises of equal quantities of sugar and water. The two are heated until the sugar crystals dissolve completely and give away a thick mushy substance. Simple syrup can be used for preparing flavored syrups for drinks.

Rich Simple Syrup

Similar to a simple syrup, the only difference between the two is the amount of sugar used in making rich sweets. Here, 2 portions of granulated sugar are used against one portion of water. You can use this for making desserts as well.

Honey Syrup

Mixing honey with water can be a daunting task. But, here’s a catch, thin the honey out with hot water, and you’ll get a muggy syrup. Use it in a Tequila Sage Smash or as a flavoured syrup for coffee.

Almond Syrup

When added to a simple syrup, almonds give away a nutty, lactic-like sweetness to it. Mix it with orange flavoured water along with vodka, and it becomes Orgeat – a classic Japanese Cocktail.

Apricot Syrup

No matter if you use them fresh or dried, apricots add a subtle stone-fruit flavour to a cocktail. Splash a little in a glass of iced tea and it becomes an enchanting punch.

Barley Syrup

A primary flavouring ingredient in beer, barley when roasted and infused into a simple syrup lends an aromatic, nutty flavour to drink.

Blueberry Syrup

A Blueberry syrup falls into the category of most love flavored syrups for drinks. Juice some fresh blueberries and add to a simple syrup. You’ve just prepared a perfect summary syrup for yourself.

Chocolate Syrup

Needless to say, chocolate syrups makes for perfect syrup flavours for coffee and egg creams.

Ginger Syrup

A ginger syrup is a perfect ingredient for making a refreshing summary Mojito. Squeeze a lime into a cocktail glass, add ginger syrup along with a few mint leaves and fill it icy soda.

Lavender Syrup

From fresh-squeezed lemonade to mocktails like Eliminator Cooler and cocktails like Virgin Merry, lavender syrup tastes lovely in everything.

Lemon Syrup

Another excellent flavour, add a dash of this sweet citrusy syrup and relish an energizing drink. A glass of iced tea with lemony syrup tastes just perfect.

Mint Syrup

One of the most refreshing syrup flavors for drinks, everyone loves a splash of this fresh mint treacle in everything – from iced Mojito to Vodka Merry and even Rum Rules.

Pineapple Syrup

If you’re looking forward to savoring a cocktail like the classic Bandy Fix or tequila-infused Majestic Slush, simply whip up a batch of tangy pineapples or add its syrup to the glass.

Raspberry Syrup

A vine-fresh syrup flavour it’s yet another highly cherished tang that makes for a perfect stress buster drink.

Rose Syrup

Freshly plucked rose petals mashed in a classic manner and mixed smartly with a simple syrup to prepare a refreshing flavour, add a splash of this floral sweetness to a cocktail and bid a goodbye to your day’s stress.

Strawberry Syrup

No matter, if it’s a jam, a pulpy mix or syrup, this berry fruit, makes everything just perfect. Add a hint of strawberry syrup to a glass of chilled water and a perfect Rooh Afza drink is ready.

A syrup is a simple syrup. What gives it its identity and taste is the added flavor. Stack some Bikano flavored syrups for drinks at home, and you’re all set to impress your guests with some awesomely refreshing tonics.




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