10 Unknown Facts about Canola Oil


Believe it or not, oil plays a vital role in adding a classic taste and texture to a cuisine. And, when it comes to Indian cooking, there’s particularly no dish that’s made without the use of cooking oil. Amid all this, with the increase in the number of people acquiring lifestyle diseases in India, using less or switching to healthy cooking oils has become a necessity. When spoken to many veteran nutritionists about which is the best healthy cooking oil in India that people can trust owing to increasing lifestyle conditions, they recommended the use of Canola oil.

Canola Oil, in comparison to many oil brands available in the Indian market, has a low saturated fat level, even lesser than olive oil. It aids in lowing the cholesterol levels, further reducing the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Canola oil is also known as a versatile oil in a sense that it speaks of a neutral flavor as well as goes hand-in-hand with all types of cuisines.

This is precisely the main reason why most chefs are increasingly switching to canola oil, especially when it comes to preparing Indian cuisines. A senior chef of a leading restaurant chain of the nation states that Canola oil allows the spices to retain their own taste and keep the entire texture light. This, in turn, makes the dish more flavorsome and mouth-watering.

Here below, we’ve mentioned 10 essential, unknown facts about canola oil, which makes it better than its competitors in the Indian market.

  1. Canola oil is relatively a new oil types introduced to the world market. It was developed by Canadian plant breeders in 1970’s.
  2. The oil type is prepared by removing the anti-nutrient side of the rapeseeds.
  3. As stated above, Canola oil speaks of the least amount of saturated fat, nearly 7% only. This is lesser than rice bran oil, which is 25% loaded with saturated fat, 12% in the case of sunflower oil, 15% in olive oil, and 19% in groundnut oils.
  4. It’s highly beneficial for heart patients. This is because, Canola oil has a high content of mono-unsaturated fatty acids, which aid in the reduction of bad cholesterol elements in the bloodstream. Many of these fatty acids also present the onset of diabetes.
  5. It has a neutral flavor, high tolerance towards heat and a light texture. It’s an ideal cooling oil for all types of Indian cooking needs.
  6. It’s loaded with the richness of many essential fats such as Oleic acid, Linoleic Acid, and Alpha-linolenic Acid. At the same time, Canola Oil doesn’t have any trans fats and has a low content of Erucic acid & Eicosenoic acid as well.
  7. Canola oil has earned the status of “Generally recognized as safe” status in India as well as other leading nations of the world, including the United States of America.
  8. The presence of Alpha-Linolenic Acid and Linoleic Acid in Canola oil make it an ideal choice for individuals with cholesterol and blood pressure problem.
  9. Canola oil is a rich source of vitamins E and K.
  10. It is a great replacement for butter and many known vegetable oils.

Out and about in the market, you’ll find a broad variety of canola oil brands stocked on the supermarket shelves, but the best canola oil brand in India and the most trusted one is Wagga Wagga. A relatively new brand launched in the Indian market, it has been able to outnumber many existing brands owing to its amazing quality, easy availability, price range.

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